Data protection - How do we handle your data?

Your data is hosted on a German server.

User credentials and data:
We use security frameworks to protect you from account hijacking and stolen data, But there is neve a 100% protection.
Be aware your password is not available in plain text but the rest you your data.
Please ensure that you do not story sensitive data like keys, passwords and confidential data.
We will never ask you neither by phone nor by email to provide us with bank account or credit card information. Donations or payments are done by common known payment providers.
Please check the link you get via emai or in the browser, in phishing attempts they look very similar but are not the same.

We use your email for 2 factor purposes like All links we send to you via email are valid for 15 minutes.

Data deletion:
When you are inactive for 4 weeks we send you an inactivity warning. After anouther 4 weeks are gone your account will deleted.
Data deletion is permanent and not reversible.
You can delete your account and all its data via the profile menu.